During the lockdown phases like many I also picked up some neat skills, such as learning to make exotic drinks to accompany my home-based working lifestyle.

1 cup Mango Pulp — can be found in most supermarkets under the Asian section.

Cardamom powder/crushed — only 2/3 whole cardamom if crushed…

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What excited me when I first started using Linux was the terminal and the endless possibilities of things you can execute in front of a black screen. When I started learning Linux for work purpose, I never thought it will become a passion and hobby later into my life, this…

If you are here then you probably will be looking for the definition of DevOps. The buzz word DevOps is an abbreviation of Development and Operations. Let’s look closely at what is DevOps, the history of DevOps, benefits and misunderstandings that comes with DevOps.

Amazon AWS defines DevOps as a…

Whether you are a back-end or front-end developer, we all need Git these days :)

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Here are my top 10 Git commands which I found useful starting off as a junior DevOps engineer.

  1. The git clone command.

The git clone command clone a repository into a…

Essential Learning resources

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Last week I passed my google cloud associate engineer exam and I thought of sharing some of the resources that I used to prepare for it. More importantly, If you are new to cloud platforms then you should follow the systematic order given below

Start by knowing…

Alan Sunny

DevOps/SRE Engineer, GCP/AWS lover, learning to break into cloud. Network hardware enthusiast, Loves cooking & trying out new tech.

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